It is said that the basis of charity is to provide for those in need. Many Pravasi Malayalees (Malayalee Diaspora) relocated to the United States not only to seek better opportunities for ours as well as our futures lives, but to provide a better future for our next generation. In doing so, we realized we can do so much more and give back to our homeland. FOMAA has dedicated ourselves to bringing hope to our community when it needed it most. Over the past ten years, FOMAA has built homes, hospitals, rendered medications to thousands, treatment to kids, general surgeries to the poor, provided food and clothes to those back in Kerala, India. This is only through our members continued support, and should you grant us the opportunity, we will continue to bring hope to those facing life-limit illnesses, lack of shelter, food and clothes. Your generous donation will allow us to fully address the range of needs that the poor and needy and their families experience.

Charities committee develops the plan for caring for the needy in Kerala and in the United States and establish criteria for distribution of available assistance in the most equitable manner to serve the people deserving the most help.

Peter Kulangara
Girish Potti
Viji Abraham
NC Coordinator

Jofrin Jose
Vice Chairman
Benoy Varghese
Wilson Pottackal
Biju Ettumgal