We cordially invite all Kerala/ Malayalee Associations in Continental USA to join FOMAA and strengthen our bonds as well as help the community to greater heights. 

Any organization of Malayalees that satisfies all the following criteria is eligible for membership in FOMAA.

(a) The organization has been in operation in North America for at least one year with a minimum of 50 paid members
(b) Has adopted and functions under a duly written constitution and/or by-laws
(c) Elects its officers at regularly held meetings as laid down in its constitution/by-laws
(d) Is a nonpolitical, secular, and non-sectarian, “Not for Profit” organization
(e) Subscribes to the objectives of the FOMAA constitution and by-laws
(f) Agrees to pay the prescribed membership dues upon admission to the federation (Only $200 per two years)

**FOMAA National Committee has full authority to make the final decision about new applications

If you have any questions, reach out to the General Secretary of FOMAA, Ojus John at

Interested in becoming a member of FOMAA?

Click here to download the application form (New Application / Renewal)