Ojus John

The Federation of Malayalee Associations of Americas (FOMAA), recognizes that cultural identity is an evolving issue and promises to help those first and second-generation millennials struggling with this reality. When it comes to culture and diversity, it is not just the mere idea of being inclusive to one another, but rather, to encourage competency amongst those growing up in a multi-cultural environment. This begins with our leaders, our communities and organizations to take responsibility regarding creating an aura of acceptance and comfort to everyone on this planet. We recognize the need to see each other as well as ourselves for who we are which is a blend of all cultures and virtues. If we wish to advocate for the needs of our community, increase our economic success, developing our youth to become the policy makers of this country, and ultimately to set a path for every Indian/ Keralite immigrant to become a loyal citizen of this great nation, we can do so by uniting around certain causes close to heart of the population, with the well-being and the future of our community of people. As the Indian-Americans and as a growing minority, we are part of the nation’s growth, so will its influence in all areas should help guide participants to understand how they are able to take a more active role. This is indeed the foundation of what is known as America. If we start to address and educate, speak to others about such prevailing topics, we may start to see a sense of community and togetherness rather than isolation and fear. We encourage each member to see FOMAA as the stepping stone into helping diversify America. I urge everyone to keep away our different perspectives, opinions and politics and should wholeheartedly work together as a Malayali. Requesting each one of you to conjoin and support the different activities to be undertaken by the organization successfully. 
With love,
Ojus John
General Secretary of FOMAA