Dear President / Secretary,
Please find the enclosed nomination form and instructions for the FOMAA General Elections to be conducted at the 7th FOMAA International Convention on the 3rd of September 2022 at Moon Palace Resort, Cancun, Mexico. Please feel free to make copies of the nomination form and distribute to interested members who wish to contest in the election. Completed nominations with the required fees and approvals as shown in the instructions must reach the Chairman of the Election Commission Mr. John Titus, at P.O. Box 837, Auburn, WA 98071 or Email: on or before July 24, 2022.

The General Body consists of the Executive Committee and seven (7) representatives of member organizations who are sent as delegates per Article V section 2 of existing FOMAA Constitution and Bylaws. Only those delegates can vote at the General Body meeting and be candidates for elected positions.

The National Advisory Council consists of all present Presidents or designee and immediate past Presidents or designee of member organizations and the Executive and National Committee members. Only the members of this National Advisory Council can be elected for positions in the Council.

Please review the Constitution and Bylaws of FOMAA as approved in the General Body meeting held on October 21st, 2017, with special attention to Article VI, VII, X and XII as well as the Amendment 2017. The document is available on the FOMAA website ( If you need clarifications or have questions, please feel free to contact me or any of the other Election Commission members.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Sincerely yours,

John Titus
Chairman of the Election Commission
Phone: 253‐797‐0250
P.O. Box 837
Auburn, WA 98071

Thomas Koshy
Member of the Election Commission
Phone: 914‐310‐2242

Vinson Palathingal
Member of the Election Commission
Phone: 703‐568‐8070


1. The attached nomination form must be used for nominating candidates to the Executive Committee, National Committee and National Advisory Council.
2. Secretary’s letter has all the details of the venue and time of General Body meeting and National Advisory Council meetings.
3. Self‐nominations are allowed provided the President and Secretary of the organization approve the nomination.
4. Elections will be held for the following positions:
a. President
b. Vice President
c. General Secretary
d. Joint Secretary
e. Treasurer
f. Joint Treasurer
g. Regional Vice Presidents (12) one per region. Elected by the delegates of each region
h. Committee Members (24) two from each region. Elected by the delegates of each region
i. Youth Representatives (3) between the ages of 18 and 30
j. Women Representatives (3)
k. National Advisory Council Members:
a. Chairman
b. Vice‐Chairman
c. Secretary
d. Joint Secretary
5. Nomination fees are $500 for the position of President, $250 for Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary,
Treasurer and Joint Treasurer, $150 for all other committee members and National Advisory Council officers and no fees for Youth Representatives.
6. The completed nomination form with all required signatures should be mailed to the Chairman of the Election Commission, Mr. John Titus, P.O. Box 837, Auburn, WA 98071. Copy of nomination forms can be
emailed to: on or before July 24, 2022.
7. An individual can only be nominated for one position and must be an authorized and registered delegate to attend the meetings.
8. All delegates to the General Body meeting and National Advisory
Council meeting must register for the convention and must carry a valid picture ID for identification (such as
Driver’s License, Passport or State issued ID).
9. The President and Secretary of each member organization must approve the nomination of candidates for
election and the delegates list by signing the appropriate forms. Delegate list must reach the Election
Commission by August 3, 2022.
10. All contested elections will be conducted by secret ballot.
11. Nominations can be withdrawn on or before August 2, 2022 with written notification to the Chairman of
the Election Commission. 12. In case the candidate withdraws the nomination on or before the August 2, 2022 deadline or if the
Election Commission disqualifies the candidate, the nomination fees shall be refunded.
13. Any nominations received after the due date of July 24, 2022 will be disqualified.
14. Candidates List will be published on August 12, 2022.
15. Member organizations must be current with their membership dues. Membership dues are $100.00 (One hundred dollars). It is the responsibility of each organization to check with the FOMAA Treasurer to make sure their organization’s membership is up to date. Delegates will not be allowed to attend the General Body meeting without the payment of dues by the organization they represent.
16. No proxy vote is allowed, and candidates must be physically present at the General Body meeting and National Advisory Council meeting to be voted and elected.
17. It shall be the responsibility of the nominees to see that their nominations have been received by the Chairman of the Election Commission. The Election Commission Chairman will confirm receipt within two days by email.
18. Once the election is announced, the candidates are advised not to use any FOMAA intellectual properties to do any kind of campaign. Candidates should restrict themselves from making any social media groups similar or duplicating FOMAA’s social media accounts.
19. The campaign at the Convention venue should be limited without any banners, posters, flyers, digital and audio/visual effects.
20. Only the voters are permitted at the voting premises and no campaign is allowed by any candidates at voting premises.

If you need further clarifications or have any questions regarding the above instructions or rules, please feel free to contact any of the Election Commission members.