Mr Aniyan George
President's Message


 Over the last 13 years, The Federation of Malayalee Associations of Americas (FOMAA), has come together with dedicated volunteers and tireless supporters and leaders to create better growth and opportunity for our members. In reflection upon our mission and values, our aim of growth as allowed us to evolve into an international recognized organization, and in such a development, we have a responsibility to our community members to do better and show better for the people. With our members across the Americas, we come from all different walks of life with a diversity of customs and culture, but the one thing that brings us together is the spirit and bond we share as a Malayalees. We, as Pravasi Malayalees, owe a debt to our brothers and sisters back home in the land we were born and brought up in – Gods Own Country. I can say with great pride that our accomplishments and whole-heartedness of giving back to our community and more has established a long lasting impact in the South Asian/Indo-American Malayalee Community across the Americas. This 2020-2022 year, my goals as President will be with the help and dedicated service of our executive and national committee. We hope to engage our existing members by providing them with quality programs and ways to give back more to their roots back in Kerala. The passion of our community was shown clear after this season’s flooding in our Kerala state. It was heartwarming to see so many members of our Malayalee community jump to action and step up to give back to our families and friends back in our homeland – but what was most touching was to see our youth rise and bring awareness to the cause. As a team, we are working to bring more members and activities under FOMAA. Myself and the National Committee team are working tirelessly to meet our Pravasi Community’s expectations and encourage all of you to express your thoughts and comments as they help us as an organization serve the community better. On behalf of FOMAA and the National Committee 2020-2022 team, I am humbly requesting for your continued thoughts and prayers and look forward to serving you all. 

Thank You & Warm Regards
Mr. Aniyan George