Dominic Chackonal
RVP - South East
Biju Joseph
NC Member - South East
Deepak Alexander
NC Member - South East
Greater Atlanta Malayalee Association [ GAMA ]
Founded in 1981, Greater Atlanta Malayalee Association or GAMA is one of the oldest and largest Indian expatriate organizations in the United States. GAMA strives to preserve and promote the Malayalee’s social, cultural , educational, literary and artistic heritage through it’s programs and initiatives.
Atlanta Metro Malayalee Association [ AMMA ]
We are a group of Keralites who shared, presumed, and suggested a definitive concept of what a Malayalee association really should be, decided to form a new reality, an association AMMA a word which itself stresses an organic continuity of generations, from God?s own country – Kerala. All Malayalees will be incorporated into this association – AMMA.
Kerala Association of Nashville is a non-profit, political, secular and cultural organization, organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. The Kerala Association of Nashville was established in 2008 and registered in the State of Tennessee as a nonprofit cultural organization.
Augusta Malayalee Association [ AMAA ]
The Augusta Malayalee Association (AMAA) is a non-profitorganization with the purpose of facilitating artistic, cultural, educational, intellectual, linguistic, literary and social interests of the Malayalee community and their friends in the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA). AMAA strives to foster positive relationship and goodwill with the local communities and promote charitable activities. AMAA shall not have any political, religious, or any other partisan affiliations.
Malayalee Association of South Carolina Upstate [MASC Upstate]
Malayalee Association of South Carolina Upstate (MASC Upstate) has been formed as a registered non-profit organization to bring together all the Malayalees of this part of the United States. MASC Upstate will help the local people to develop social interaction , maintain the cultural heritage , promote the arts and cultural talents of the people , formulate charity projects and programs , foster relations with other communities.