Team Members

Chackochen Joseph
RVP - Sunshine
Ajesh Balanandan
NC Member - Sunshine
Bijoy Xavier
NC Member - Sunshine
Jomon Antony
NC Member - Sunshine
It has been the dream of Malayalees of Palm Beach, and neighboring counties, to have our own association. January 9, 2011 was a “GOLDEN DAY” in the fulfillment of that dream. A small group of people met and started the long awaited Kerala Association of Palm Beach.
The historical importance of our motherland, its natural beauty, its cultural heritage, its mythologies and the lifestyles of the people makes it the ‘God’s Own Country’. Our main aim is to promote cultural, educational and social activities and to encourage and revitalize the traditional arts and crafts of our motherland and to provide a forum for the Keralites and their descendants residing in the United States of America to preserve and foster their moral, social, cultural, educational, literary and artistic heritage.
Malayalee Association of Central Florida has been serving our community for the past 25 years nurtured by dedicated leaders amongst us. It is with great pleasure and honor that this committee has come forward to serve MACF. We have an outstanding team driven by a commitment to take this organization forward and partner with all sections of our community to bring back the nostalgic memories from our motherland with a motive to project a model of harmony and cultural heritage to our next generation. We need your continuing support and help in terms of participation and volunteering to take this organization to much greater heights.
NavaKerala is one of the largest cultural association in North America with members from South Florida Malayali community. NavaKerala has a youth wing popularly known as NavaKerala Youths and an active kids wing. NavaKerala has been active among South Florida Indian community since it’s inception in 1994, for organizing charity programs, public events, art/literary initiatives, family oriented picnics, and cultural celebrations every year.
Orlando Regional United Malayalee Association [ORUMA]
Orlando Regional United Malayalee Association, ORUMA, is a nonprofit, cultural fraternity of people from Kerala, the southern most state of India, who are otherwise known as Malayalees.It is ORUMA’s aim to address and represent the Malayalee Community on all issues pertaining to them either as group or individuals. On the other hand, ORUMA’s mission is to bring hope to our children through education, faith, love and a clear vision for a bright future too. We are a charitable organization as well that provides education and shelter to those who may need it in Kerala, back home.
Tampa Bay Malayalee Association
The objectives of TMA are to promote social and cultural integration of malayalees in gulf coast of Florida and vicinity, foster and promote the south Indian art and culture ,organize social activities and cultural programs designed to promote cultural interchange and the quality of life, in the Tampa bay area of Florida, and also to help in assisting and rendering relief to all if needed in distress caused by epidemics, flood, or any other calamities, natural or otherwise and also promote advancement of education for the youth. For the past years TMA’s officials keenly safeguarded the above objectives. Today TMA has over 300 members and each year the participation and support from the members, families and from everyone are overwhelming.
MANOFA as we know today has its humble beginnings associated with a gathering of malayalee people of Jacksonville in the year 2000 at the Ramada Inn off of University Blvd. In the year 2000, we had just a handful of malayalee families in Jacksonville and it was indeed a very happy occasion for all participants. From then on, for the next 3-4 years, Onam get-together was an event that was eagerly awaited for by the Malayalee families in Jacksonville
MMA is a non-profit, political, secular and cultural organization, organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Preserving and transmitting Kerala’s rich cultural heritage and Celebrating major festivals of Kerala. Providing occasions for socialization among its members.
Malayalee Association of Tampa [MAT]
Welcome to the website of MALAYALEE ASSOCIATION OF TAMPA (MAT). MAT is one of the prominent Indian Associations operating in Tampa Bay area, Florida, USA.
Malayalee Association of South West Florida [MAOSWF]
Kerala Association of Central Florida
The association was formed in 2004 to encourage and promote cultural, educational, and social activities and revitalize the traditional arts and crafts of Kerala and establish a forum for youth to maintain and invigorate cultural heritage handed down by their forefathers.
Orlando Regional Malayalee Association (ORMA)